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Some people just want an accent wall, while others need several rooms repainted. Interior painting poses all kinds of challenges. For instance, if the ceiling and floor are different colors, you must ensure that one doesn’t drip into the other. Also, different types of materials like wood or drywall will affect how the paint looks, so there are specific types of paint to use depending on what it is being applied to. These are just a few reasons it is worth hiring a professional painter to take on the job.


There are several reasons why you may want to get interior painting done. Common reasons are poor paint adhesion, where you see paint cracks or peels, water staining, picture framing or hat banding, and poor sheen uniformity. You will want to hire painters who understand whether the paint should be semi-gloss, glossy, flat, or satin. Not only that, but you want the painting service to know the right consistency level to use out of these different types of paint options.


Exterior painting generally requires a bit more prep work. You may be dealing with environmental conditions like weather, bugs, dirt, algae, and wrinkling. You will have to sand off and scrape loose paint, and possibly use chemical stripping methods. Power washing may also be required for surfaces that have accumulated a lot of dirt and grime.

A skilled and knowledgeable painting contractor from Lennon Painting And Decorating will be able to know what to look for in different rooms. Contact us today to learn more about custom interior painting and cabinet refinishing in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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